hit the "tongue on China", the first episode came to Suichang, introduced the local bamboo shoots, which makes Suichang County deputy magistrate Zhao Wenming is very excited. "In the past, Suichang dried bamboo shoots are locals eat, eat it. But since Taobao opened Internet marketing >

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reporter recently visited Zhejiang in Suichang County, the cluster effect of entrepreneurs, government, industry association and build a public service platform is leading the small town grew into Chinese known "Taobao county", and in most of the city, it was a group of business people are electricity supplier winter, struggling to find a way out of earnings.

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Wenzhou Zhong Jinfu is a large number of people in Suichang to "Taobao", before the teacher, see Suichang bamboo charcoal products sales network potential, from the beginning of 2009 full-time business shop, the annual sales of 400 thousand yuan.

reporter visited the Taobao County, Zhejiang, Suichang: government and enterprises to build rural C2C electronic business platform



in the reporter visited Zhejiang Suichang time, micro-blog spread a heartbreaking news: 24 year old Taobao store due to overwork sudden death. This seems to be for the electricity supplier winter and C2C decline painted more tragic reality footnote.

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, a small town with a population of only 50 thousand, has 1300-1500 Taobao stores, with a gross margin of over 30%, with annual sales of over $100 million.

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a few days ago, Liu Qiangdong, Chen micro-blog issued a final warning to the industry: the electricity supplier winter has come true; a few months ago, well-known business commentators Ye Yun believes that the "three years after C2C Retired; a year ago, this newspaper has quoted an authoritative third party data interpretation of C2C and B2C was weaker by catching up momentum……

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but the shop owners in Suichang are a little relaxed". In an interview with reporters, most shopkeepers were more confident of greater development". Xu Zhenfeng runs a Taobao store called "bamboo language", the main product is bamboo charcoal products, and now the annual turnover is around 1 million 200 thousand yuan. A few years ago, he and his wife were in Hangzhou, hoping to live in a big city.