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now I haven’t found a good record of Shanghai dragon tool keyword ranking history, after word of this function, but there are 100 key words, and I see is not too accurate. I used the keyword ranking tools now, then the total station keywords per query ranking are excel format, and then copied to the keywords ranking table I work, go to work every day will lead time, and record the time, this time down you can see a keyword to rank, you can also see the effect of a period of time since the Shanghai dragon.


in addition, behind the site name and website URL link also add a list of notes, record the rules of some forums / sites, such as anti irrigation mechanism, auditing mechanism ah, so when so many websites you can choose to face priority which forum to stay outside the chain.

as a Shanghai dragon Er, first you should see a EXCEL table, then set up 4 working table in the excel table, the four sheet, you can name, from left to right outside the chain, keyword ranking, Links worksheet, competitor analysis.

look at the A5 above a lot of articles are "fast food" type, is soft, not what the value of learning. I tried to calm down, to write about Shanghai Longfeng article, hope for those who want to start Shanghai dragon and don’t know how to do something new, it is not a very cattle X Shanghai dragon Er service website but let me get good rankings, and just here share.

this article is mainly aimed at the novice, so write a simple little detail, has many years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng birds can laugh. Following the start of






worksheet is mainly record the fate of the chain often website address, concrete can be divided into Links platform, quiz, Post Bar, bookmarks, collections, community forums and so on, of course, these are the resources, you need to do in the process of the chain of the continuous accumulation, if you think too much. Many of the forum, the registered user name and password to remember, you can insert a name on the site where the annotation, the account password are recorded, even forget can be viewed in the form.

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now offers Links query tools are only detect each other there is no link to your site is not enough, you need to understand your Links website for more information, such as the site to contact the person in charge, this song friend chain important Chengdu >