compared to the snapshot update speed is different, once the snapshot site always let you feel uneasy. Because according to the operation experience, snapshot basically means the site to be K, key words will fall. But this situation will happen? Obviously not, like the preceding snapshot, is a reserved page for the spider index, and important "normally keep multiple copies of the data in the database, but between them is different, if you have the snapshot is likely to love Shanghai the database update is not caused by synchronization, and is likely to appear second days after love Shanghai update, so when you encounter such a situation, there is no need to be too depressed, as long as you are a regular site, reasonable operation, good optimization, snapshot does not necessarily cause the website by K and other consequences, of course if you the site is non regular website, so snapshot site is likely to be K, but this principle with the conventional warfare snapshot is different, the former is more love Shanghai The latter is not new to delete, update synchronization.

snapshot update frequency will affect the site keywords ranking

click snapshot does not display the home page, on behalf of what

always snapshots have been regarded as a barometer of the friends of the website operation, the snapshot problem, so we must suffer nine out of ten website. It is this thinking leads to the hearts of many owners always have some feelings for a snapshot, things are actually not absolutely, at first I also very concerned about the snapshot, snapshot that changed the site will be a problem, but then the operation will be a long time, snapshots and not what precise warning, many times change or a snapshot other reasons. Below I to operate their own website problems and we explain.

do not know if you encountered such a strange situation it is, when you click on the data that your love station snapshot column, open pages and not their own.

snapshot and websites have been associated with hair

I think this is the most concerned about the topic, because everyone in the process of the operation of the site often encountered not updated snapshot, or update the slow situation. The coincidence is sometimes slow and the snapshot update site is K or drop right coincide, but the two are related? We can see from the love of Shanghai’s official explanation: each was collected web pages, in love with the sea are being a pure text backup, called love Shanghai soon, this the snapshot itself and our keyword rankings without any relationship, the biggest role is to give open web site snapshot slow a buffer zone, convenient spider yam and user experience, quality and update frequency in snapshot update speed and your content rate, content, add high click rate, original high degree of natural snapshot update faster, because the spider eyes is a good source of information, if you don’t reach the standard snapshot slow as it should be, so we should rationally treat the Situation。