this is a must, as a webmaster, this is the inescapable task. The update must focus on quality, the patient, the best original. I think every day at least three articles in order to meet the requirements, of course, you can take a long article is split into three short points, this is actually the user is a thing very friendly! A final reminder, the update links don’t be lazy smart, or a collection of any assembly read out the website can let go on the road of no return, want the website to develop only down-to-earth to do.

four, learning and communication.


the use of webmaster tools at a glance, mainly to see the website snapshot is normal, it is normal or not. In addition to check Links there is serious drop right, any time to remove and inform each other, this is also conducive to the accumulation of contacts. Check the maintenance of the website a little deeper also need to check your home page and the inside pages have a dead link, the server before operation is not normal, there was no horse like. These basic doesn’t have much time, but it is an important link of

and content, but also the website optimization is a very important link. At present, the search engine is more and more attention to the content of quality, the construction of the chain must be more careful. A few days of high quality can be, do not send. In addition, the forum also be committed signature flooding, especially in general do not add bare chain signature, according to the painful lessons of the author, this will make the chain surge, thus causing the site to drop right or be K! Go to relevant forum posts or reply under irrigation with water, in addition can also be classified information outside the chain or quiz, soft and so on, the form of more extensive and more conducive to the website optimization.

as a Shanghai dragon Er should try to communicate, the efficiency is very low at least behind closed doors. As every day will do the job one is to visit A5 or Shanghai dragon WHY, to see what new trends in the industry, perhaps.

do no do not know Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai dragon will directly affect the quality of traffic to a website or even death. Now there is little left site search engine can live alone, even if out of the search engine is the website of great loss, so do the owners have to pay attention to the site optimization.

three, inspection and maintenance.

two, the construction of the chain.

, update the content.

website optimization need to adhere to what? Production, preparatory work such as process optimization; space choice; choice of the domain name and so on, these are very important, but it is also very common, here is not enough. We say that a normal operation of the website every day needs to be done to make the website growing up! The following is the author’s humble opinion, some experience is their own, hope to be friends of the station can be of any use to you.