two: the content related to the theme of

three: original and static, three in one

"love Shanghai" search anti cheat team recently discovered a part of the website traversal popular keywords to generate a large number of search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage to the search engine user experience and occupation of the corresponding field of high quality website revenue, we will make a website for such harsh I hope this problem, webmaster timely corrective adjustment." This is the recent love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee announcement. After reading this article, think a lot, let’s talk about the author of the book.

algorithm: "again" an update to

er know, pomegranate algorithm to hit low quality page. The webmaster in order to keep up with the pace of love Shanghai algorithm immediately, the internal optimization. The station updated high quality articles, spared no expense in exchange for. If not original, pseudo original also false is very realistic. It is really "algorithm, webmaster status quo". Not related to static search results page will be dealt with harshly like pomegranate algorithm upgrade. The news came out do not know how many webmaster broke the dream. Various algorithms for updating, the Internet is a real piece of pure land. Can say each update origin algorithm is the webmaster "self" results. More than one degree, we will fall in love with the sea fight.

?Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai fight is not high quality of the page, the content of high quality is the spider love. The corresponding static page static URL is more conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon. It will not deliberately cause spider trap, leading to crawl into the dead cycle index. Increase website number. The content is very important, the use of hot words to eventually bring transformed drainage is relatively low. Can not say that the site as long as the related theme, is not the original, or static page does not matter; can not say that the original content, the theme is not related.

is not related to the punishment of the web page content and theme. For example: the page theme of "Chery energy-saving fuel", but a variety of topics in the search results page content, such as Chery Kairui spokesperson – Louis Liu, with Louis Liu to the site to make money flow network reds. The content of the article is not only to search engine, but the main object is the user. The user search to your website, this thought can give him to solve the problem, but what has not been, did not solve the needs of users. How such a site will have a second return? The user experience is low, will increase your bounce rate. The short residence time, low conversion rate. Three cases showed that some websites using Chinese segmentation function to update the article. As the theme of "green software download page", there will be a variety of search results page, green, software, download the three words separately, or three times, or upset the order only appeared in one or two of search words. This page is also regarded as the objects to be processed, the webmaster or not to do so well.