in the multitude of networks, users must browse through the web page title selection target page search engine to the title plus description index "recommended to the users, so the page title (Title tag) for all production sites are very important.

2, Direct Title briefly highlighted issues, content can have a detailed description of

so, please ask questions and communicate in the topic:

will only "the title briefly pointed out the problem directly, the content can be a detailed description of" change "content must be around the title question has a detailed and vivid description, this advice applies to any web page title (Title tag) production.


page title tag is also reflected in the role of Shanghai dragon are not random, frequent changes in the title tag, in "modify the page title will bring negative impact on the website ranking" post, love Shanghai search engineer Lee stressed: "title is a very important content. A modified, will only bring fluctuations. So please be careful to treat the page title."

1, a topic about a topic, don’t stack multiple problems

which is good for other people’s judgments and browsing".

because the page title (Title tag) has always been the most important factor of "quality for users and search engines, not only can make the most of the search engines can easily give more weight, can directly stimulate users click. Therefore, the page title (Title tag) is a web page is the most direct way to show the value of. Therefore, the page title (Title tag) production has become the most basic skills at least must have all the website editor.

page title (Title tag) and the importance of writing, love Shanghai webmaster Club search engineer kkksuper as summarized in the "one main topic:" only one page "is the title of the best summary reflects the theme of the page, so that the user’s judgment cost is low, and the search engine can most easily be the weight given. "This is one of the basic law of Shanghai dragon".

attaches great importance to the small website page title (Title label) of the Shanghai dragon, it is not surprising that Shanghai Longfeng effect > ZAC also attaches great importance to the page title tag Title


for the website editor, a good title, not only to win more users favor for accidentaly across, more traffic; at the same time, but also won the search engine’s heart, and strive to better rankings, so that more users can search found your own web page value.


Direct Title briefly highlighted issues, about Title tags optimization engineer said

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