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no matter what the industry website, as long as the service is closely related to our website and user behavior, so we must have a website and website brand slogan, the author has set up the website from the establishment of website brand based on the slogan for the first idea, now a part of the user to expand the training to the local reference the author of the site visit, this is the brand and the strength of the slogan, here’s a look at the site of logo production and the slogan is how to set up.

is a service website, the website also should take the form of the service concept for the first, and for one type of service sites should also make their website projects as diverse, allowing users to have more ways to choose website service, so a website should spend efforts to seek service and seek cooperation, through the diversification of services and quality of service continues to attract users, this is the core idea of the need for a service website development. As a training site is even more so, if your website is less services, why should the user choose your website? We can take a look at my website service project.

service concept for the first project, the diversity of

training to expand the word popular in China is not a long time, but we can see now the Internet has been greatly small training sites, especially in some economically developed city, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen and other regions, these regions to expand the training site from the establishment to the development now just a few years time, but in recent years, with the change of time in turn the world upside down.

attention to the voice of the customer, the user as a friend

brand for the first, based on the slogan for this

I started a training site from 09 years, when the training site is still unknown, it can be said that the author in the training industry website is to tap into a pot of gold, but with the influx of expanding industry owners gradually increased, to expand the industry website is also facing new competition and pressure. The author integrated their own website and now the Internet industry and dynamic talk about expanding industry website how to seek further development, I hope to help some webmaster friends.




can be said that the current 80% of the site are not 24 hours online customer service, and more websites are in order to obtain benefits from the user, and this kind of website is not likely to get very good development. The operation of the site while the monthly income is not much, but from the development to the present has been hired 24 hours service, help users and answer all kinds of questions. This website has been the user as a true friend, partner only charge a fee, this is a website.