didn’t appear until this phenomenon, my website ranking is my optimization has been very stable, all Google keywords are main first (Google ranking stable for a year, is still the first stable) Sogou search engine is stable during the first half of the first. As for all the keywords love Shanghai, is the third and first levels, is also very stable, but just three days before the 6 a.m., all keywords all love Shanghai from third down to 11, Google and other search engines remain stable first, Shanghai ranked 11 out of love phenomenon. At that time, I am anxious, like their children had a serious illness like this phenomenon, although many webmaster experience, but the mood is certainly not good, first I quickly access to relevant information, check around for several hours, found a lot of writing to write to a fresh feeling, is repeated the statement, take the essence, I’ll send the positioning of their love of Shanghai ranked 11 in the website phenomenon, cause I love Shanghai ranked 11 fatal has the following two points.

: a steady rise in the chain (by 5 the number of the chain once a day to seven day)

two: check the website of the Links (not normally found Links first time revoked, but don’t withdraw one day too much, the most.

website love Shanghai 11 ranking phenomenon, there are different factors, so my site 11 is the chain fluctuation is too large, the direct causes of the love of Shanghai to my site surrounded by A. Love advice Shanghai 11 phenomenon of friends, do not worry, do not mess, the first time to check the chain last week’s case, check the Links good or bad, check the last week there is no other factors causing the love Shanghai 11 ranked the root causes of the phenomenon. How to break the siege of Shanghai love 11 ranking phenomenon, below I say my views and opinions.

two: deadly chain fluctuation is too large, suspected of cheating, the direct causes of the Shanghai love manual intervention, all love Shanghai main keywords are locked for 11.

: a one-time revocation of a large number of fatal Links (due to the inspection of high weight Links, the revocation of the fifteen or so Links), this is the result of my website 11 love Shanghai ranked the most direct fatal point, the chain is too volatile.

first I love Shanghai 11 not understanding and profound knowledge, but this is a real breakthrough, writing, experience. But three days I love Shanghai breakthrough 11 ranked the encirclement, make my website again. For a long time did not send articles to A5, his first work no time, followed by a few days ago because I experienced this love Shanghai 11 phenomenon of the storm, had to let me get my experience, let more webmaster friends can understand, even after the optimization can play to people with effect. My website (not to publish the web site, so that ad is too serious) 2011.4.16 appeared in 11 ranked Shanghai love phenomenon.