this is what happened in 2012 of July to October. Before June I was in Shanghai for a medical company in Phoenix, because after the company to move to North City, due to family reasons I stayed in Guangzhou. A few days’ rest at home, to find dozens of bidding work of Shanghai Longfeng company in the online resume. In other news, a lot of companies have to call me to go to the interview, the last is not low salary is not the bag eats, in some places far better train. My aim is to work near home, can go home early. Do Shanghai dragon knows, spend too much time on the car, every day to go to work ah, really not in the mood, serious lack of sleep.

second day of work, which is July 10th. He gave me a lot of shampoo to commodity price list, I memorize the above name and price, it is best to recite, said he would have checks. I also to arrange a location, the computer is the kind of white as well as television, the stupid guy, even what’s on the line, that can not open the machine, opened the host to allocate memory, cleaned and then plug, can boot up.

into his factory, he immediately gave me his website, I probably looked down, just the website not very good-looking, these words no station was not K. He asked me how long can do love Shanghai home, I say I want to look at the situation, three to six months. Next I talk about salary two sitting there, he said only to the basic salary of 3000 yuan plus 2% commission, where is the package, but I can’t have no subsidies, utilities accommodation is to pay their own, of course I want to live at home, so this is not hard, no no subsidies subsidies. Because before I was in the factory work, eating the bitter of you is not the experience of these students. Do Shanghai dragon also made a year appearance, so the people are believed to do things, also did not sign the contract, when using a mobile phone to record is good. PS: many factories in Guangzhou did not want to sign or not to sign the contract.

in the afternoon a company boss told me to go to the interview, asked the address, even in the neighborhood. It’s also like 10 minutes. But the interview went to his stall, immediately take all necessary materials, take the subway to his stall. He stalls near Wanda Plaza, I am out of the subway, call him, call me first wait is said to eat with the customer. In KFC the door waiting for nearly an hour, finally give me a call, asked me to go to his stall interview. He stalls in the square not far away from.

(with Bo Wen, do not read)

a meeting, I gave him a resume, he probably looked down, then asked a lot of questions, I answered. At last he said to go to work tomorrow? After sitting in his car back to the company, in fact, is strictly factory, mainly to do the shampoo. The factory is 10 employees, plus the mouth two factory clerk, a clerk, the staff are so.