Shanghai dragon often say that is not good to do popular keywords, even do not go up, this is the reason to look for and everyone in this area, the following is a popular keyword optimization do not go up, hope to be able to help you webmaster friends.

site layout is not reasonable, the frequency is too much, the high density in the bottom of the website can see the anchor text line with the same keywords in different regions. Keywords layout techniques used properly for ranking has a great help, but will play the opposite effect, causing the site to drop right. Spider web crawling is on the order of information – – – – – left right, so we should think how to optimize the structure of the website and keywords layout is more conducive to the site in the design layout. The website structure is a very important factor in ranking, website structure is not reasonable is not conducive to the spider crawling love Shanghai. There may be some difference but also structure of the site keywords ranking good site, because the chain is strong enough, enough content, but if you want to be able to reduce the workload and improve the ranking website optimization schedule, or to the structure of the site under the foot.


brush flow, for this technique is effective in a few years ago, but due to the recent two years, we do love Shanghai according to these keywords ranking webmaster to "tailor-made" strain algorithm, this approach has been difficult to have the effect, of course does not rule out some master developed brush ranking software really have that kind of effect. Even a few years ago, the "brush ranking" this means though quick, but only one was careful not to love Shanghai "eyes", so that the site is falling into the abyss million complex not robbed.

three, outbound links too much, there is a drop right site

four, website structure is not reasonable, the accumulation of keywords phenomenon

two, the content of the website, low update frequency

website in addition to the company introduction and service projects, the lack of news not what the actual content. By viewing the news release time, the update frequency is very low, but not what regularity, have a short time published many articles, long time not to release the phenomenon.

, a website brush flow


through Links inspection tools to check the export link station for more than 30, and all are one-way links, the list of links also exist in several extremely slow snapshot included little new. Estimates before the station technician did not want to do just for resources. The weight of outbound links too much will distract the site and the PR value, than to exchange the unreasonable Links worse.