but, at this time, a problem, this word is not a lot of traffic and love Shanghai index is very low, which makes many of US efforts were in vain, indescribably sad, but at the same time, we have another mistake, that is another optimization keywords SMS marketing and error, then to optimize it to the home page, or half-dead flow. It is not driven by the long tail keywords other efforts were in vain again.

own painful experience, here to tell you, must choose good keywords.

According to the

so, I finally understand that our major mistakes in what place, that is the choice of keywords, by re familiar with the company’s products, we confirm the product key words better, and at this time, title, keywords, description of the key factors affecting Shanghai Longfeng not again as modified, but we this is new, and the change rate is not very big, love Shanghai did not make too much punishment for us, let us go through this buffer period. Now everything was back on track.

my site, what name do not say, so as not to have suspected of advertise, the beginning is the pre optimization way, others responsible for, site optimization not long, the choice of keywords and other things are ready, director also asked me what I need to change the place, I looked at. The title and description are not what problem, but I have not done the choice of keywords, so it is said that no matter what do things carelessly, because at that time, all rankings are not up.

just do Shanghai Longfeng, my teacher once told me that the first step is to determine the Shanghai dragon, a good choice of keywords, and then the other site planning, layout, and other factors of the website. At that time, because do not stand, not to regard it as right, and do stand is a teacher to a station, keywords, domain names are good choices, just let me do the optimization, so when I really do stand when you, the problem appeared, now I have this problem with the statement and analyze the reason, I hope after you read, in my lessons, don’t make the same mistake.

then I make a task for everyone, let our team together, mainly is to let the two edit included, one day to complete the 40 volume, do false original, my staff and another is responsible for the promotion and then do Links and chain this piece, down two weeks results well, love is not only a collection of Shanghai had not included, but also just do all are included, the promotion department is also very happy, then we do the chain is crazy growth, more than 3000 crazy growth from the chain more than 300. Let us delight, the title of one of the words mobile marketing also has the ranking, ranked in the second page. All the staff promotion department is best done in one vigorous effort in the next week, let the word, rushed to the Shanghai home of love.