said that under the first non mainstream domain benefits:


, when the贵族宝贝.Net.Org domain name is not suitable, we can choose.Me.Info.Biz.Mobi.Tel, especially.Me, personally feel is a very personality of the domain name, like our own name card, such as,,, so to a certain extent,.Me is more popular than any other non mainstream domain.

3, the special significance of

Many people ask whether Here is the key that inf>

in addition to personality, non mainstream domains and very special significance, such as personal names, can be.Me, such as movie website, can be the name of the main.Tv, such as pro, in favour of meaning, and.Name, is also a good choice of personal registration, and Tel can be used for telephone and so on

here many friends may not understand the name of the main, so I simply talk about. To a common domain name, such as www.baidu贵族宝贝, where Baidu is the subject of the domain name, the domain name suffix is com, this is a representative of a top international domain name. Now the general subject domain name has been registered, and we are so love the name of the main, the only way to purchase, and the purchase price is very high, so we can non mainstream.Me, the domain name registration.


used the domain name.Me friends all know this, use the Chinaz tool to find Links always can not find a snapshot, even if the site weight high, every day too quickly. And this is a big problem to the webmaster friends, such as my blog, often have a friend is to check the Links tool, but I didn’t show the website snapshot, Q my condolences, I also thought I site down the right, through the analysis in many aspects, I site does not drop right, I finally found all.Me are similar in the Chinaz Links snapshot tool.

personalityThere is no doubt that

but at the same time, non mainstream domain is not good and one is:

2, can be registered to the short name of the main

2, spam flooding

.Me.Info.Biz.Mobi.Tel domain and so on what prospects, in fact, this article is not what prospect analysis, today to write this article is to tell the advantages and disadvantages of all non mainstream domain name, you should see the Goshu blog, non mainstream domain name is.Me but my domain name is really good? Good and bad for experts to comment on today, Goshu said that under his own point of view:


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