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trading platform that is like e-commerce platform, HC and other types of Alibaba, its definition can also search to online, here we just introduced many to you one by one. Today is to share trading platform registration and registered after the setting and everyone, for some Shanghai Longfeng couples I think is quite helpful!



The operation and the blog,




, a registered.


trading platform registered after entering the set up links, in trading platform set up the interface, need to set up the general information including company information and business website set set.

set the content include the main business, the company’s name, the type of business, the company’s products, the company’s business, company profiles, company contact (telephone, fax, address, address, logo,

trading platform Forum is different, but the biggest difference is that trading platform must complete the information at the time of registration, in addition to the usual username, password, email, the most important thing is to fill in the company information, the nature of the information including company name, phone, fax, address, address, company (industry) and is not successful or you submit. Of course there will be some platform resources, is to go to fill in the company after registration information.

note: company data set as detailed and true, some business license audit business platform, but also need to upload a picture of the business license.

Shanghai Longfeng new or veteran Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, when optimization in Shanghai do the LongFeng Railway Station, the screening of the chain resources is very important, usually choose the chain of resources to meet the needs of the two basic points, one is the high weight (with certain authority), but extensive (mainly the number of species is reflected in the chain of resources and resources, in here but many introduced). The high weight trade platform is also called to Shanghai dragon Er are recognized, what is good business platform significance? We all know that the natural extension of information in Shanghai on the first page of a maximum of only 10 places, from second to twenty pages are usually most business platform and the classification of information that some high weight platform resources, which illustrates the trading platform and classified information but also love Shanghai more important resources. We find through the trading platform release information, do the chain publicity and promotion, we can enhance the weight of Shanghai dragon website optimization, website optimization and enhance the Shanghai dragon wide awareness.