for search engine marketing, we just said to our industry brand words and long tail words and target words.


recently and many enterprise site friends, found that there is a pit of the phenomenon of the Internet the Internet now. A small business is either only in Shanghai dragon website ranking, search engine optimization is also in accordance with the Shanghai dragon angle to do a website, to do business in the industry to do the brand, products and products of the common problems such as words long tail word ranking. There are a lot of companies although the site do very bad. But they rank up. Think this is enough. There are many sites in a long time has been done. But there is no true good marketing on the internet. No order. But facing this phenomenon we should do, what should we go to the development of

for example: we must do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we can learn to improve our ability through system optimization. But we can enhance the ability of Shanghai dragon enough. Need to know our Shanghai Longfeng upstream station. Perhaps many of our staff are not well understood. The station. Do you want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to learn this knowledge. I know there are 0 institutions in Shanghai Longfeng research center based in Shanghai dragon. The construction site to know and study the open source program.

search engine is a key channel for our industry to understand the user’s. He is our dead pen. But we have to think of a thing. In fact, we do search engine marketing. We need to do a lot of. The search engine is a carrier of information. Don’t forget about our popular business. To achieve a ranking of your keywords. We are in the downstream of a phenomenon in the industry.

so we know the upstream Shanghai dragon optimization. We need to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng downstream downstream is what that is today talk about a relationship. We do natural search engine rankings we do for us to enhance our understanding to flow, we do business from more ways. This involves the search engine marketing network.

that we in our industry is covered. Of course, we can also do some long tail words and target words platform layout. Why do we have no traffic and conversion. The platform is also very important. Because the site is not.

do we can only do our Internet ranking: Shanghai dragon. There are many owners and businesses have entered a state of despair. I have lost interest towards the internet. Even in a difficult. So the emergence of the Internet, how are we going to do a good job of marketing, in the search engine marketing we just say we do around the industry product and brand keywords keywords and long tail keywords achieved rank it. We made these rankings. But for our industry search engine traffic rarely do. I remember a Book said.