2012 in the school, the author first joined the Internet industry, looking at his hair unsuspectingly bigwigs through the internet success stories, his dream of one day on a network to build up the family fortunes, marry white Formica! And many white began as the so-called Wangzhuan, is nothing more than to help others post, remember that time looks like send a post 0.5 yuan, live at least 24 hours, completely manual work. Later in the webmaster forum accidentally see a post is the sun of love Shanghai alliance income figure, tens of thousands of january. This picture makes me grass root students enthusiasm began to do, because my family is doing business in a better understanding of the flowers and trees, flowers and trees of the industry, do the flowers and trees industry website, for the love of Shanghai alliance.

sometimes will be closed the account landing look, not imagined Baidu amnesty, but 2 years later, still account is banned, years ago to see an article about the love of Shanghai League general manager Ma Guolin was arrested for corruption.

later also saw some Post Bar posts, basically are banned, basically will not be released from a cavity blood blow cool cool, the maintenance of the website is not so hard, after all, this is the first site of the life, because there are a good many members release information, so we can’t turn off until now, while also made other websites using other people’s identity to love Shanghai alliance from the new application, but also dare not do illegal operations.

started to make your web site traffic, global learning Shanghai dragon in the Internet every day, think about when your passion is really fearless, at 12 is still holding the computer to write original articles, then do their good optimization, the site was also to weight 4, but looked at his love Shanghai union day a few dollars of income (due to the love of Shanghai alliance account was banned, income data are cleared, not above), began thinking to improve their income through the alliance "crooked ways", sometimes go to Internet cafes fierce point alliance advertising, sometimes let students have a click, then click income of 0.2-0.8 yuan, second days at the alliance into greatly increased, it is a pleasure. But when the issue is divided into good times don’t last long, when the account was closed, and most people, began to apply for open, also consulted the alliance manager. What ten days ago a screenshot of the flow, to provide information, some have seen online tutorial release, organize their own hours through the alliance consulting results submitted, as can be imagined, not been released.

after my reflection about love: since the Shanghai alliance seal your account, be sure it is your website traffic and ad click rate problems, not like some online posting that your account is divided into one to the Commission to date, the money in your account letter for you. I advise everyone to do stand, depending on their true level to obtain the corresponding revenue, otherwise the account was closed on too late for regrets. Of course, if you love Shanghai technology alliance high, it’s different.