? ?The so-called "micro-blog

as a "micro-blog" need to have what skills

in fact, the medical industry to micro-blog, is not so difficult. Today, Sun Chen for the medical industry to do a detailed analysis of micro-blog marketing, and share and discuss.


hospital problem is not difficult to understand, mainly taking into account the fact that micro-blog is a kind of advertising, such as we are in the QQ, there is often a person does not stop with information, feel bored to delete. On the other hand, the hospital is a public image, fear is not good to delete negative information. Micro-blog as a public platform to make friends, everyone has micro-blog free, so, to delete the negative is a potential crisis".

1, are some tips and interesting information can be? A lot of micro-blog marketing will use register an account, then, send some interest on the account information, or send some daily preventive health care knowledge, even if someone will broadcast that fun, not because you are micro-blog marketing effect. Want a micro-blog TV is easy to let others long-term concern is very difficult. So, you must first position, what is your micro-blog positioning, clear positioning to release information.

, 2, who has a "large", who will be able to influence enough "trumpet". We are doing the micro-blog marketing, but some small login accounts to broadcast or comment, to create a very popular way, who has a "large", who will be able to influence enough "trumpet", at the same time will be enough to develop a "large" trumpet "".

is often seen in the bus there are men and women of hand holding mobile phone, live their own lives, the typical "micro-blog", so, this let micro-blog more and more integrated into our life. Recently saw a lot of medical industry in micro-blog play, but the effect is not very prominent. Many hospitals are standing on the sidelines, for micro-blog is not close to the.

" is not a day to send some irrelevant information, but you need to analyze what is the account features you maintain, suitable for what kind of information in what period of time. Is not the day to send some information about, even micro-blog marketing, any marketing methods are not so simple. So, what is the value of the information

first, you have to become a "micro-blog".


what is the "micro-blog"? The so-called "micro-blog control" refers to the extreme love for micro-blog, if you do micro-blog marketing, or simply think that this is a job, or not to do so. Because micro-blog is not a simple job, why do you think it is easy, because you did not do too much. There are a lot of "micro-blog", they every day and every night on micro-blog, one is more than 10 hours, or even give up sleep. So, you think you are a qualified "micro-blog".