two, Shanghai dragon means

if the hold, optimized for search engine optimization website, forgot to enhance the user experience, it may appear, is the user to stay forever, never settling users, website bounce rate will be very high. In fact, optimizing a website, in the overall structure on the site, directory structure, web content, enhance the search engine friendliness, then the rest is to enhance the user experience as the focus, to remember that the user’s favorite website, search engine is like, and search engine optimization of the highest level, should be. If one day our website is K, but the website traffic, the user is not how the loss of

first, can do the occupation of Shanghai Longfeng specialist. As of now, the size of the network company, Shanghai Longfeng hot recruitment specialist recruitment information is everywhere. Second person, Shanghai Dragon technology powerful, personal orders. Such as: Zac, etc.. Third, Shanghai dragon group orders, such as Wang Tong, etc..

, Shanghai dragon

so for the novice to Shanghai Dragon said, one of the best Shanghai dragon tutorial, then step by step to practice the knowledge in the book, is a summary of the most important live experience and skills in the process of practice, and the experience and skill of Shanghai dragon is the most valuable wealth. Shanghai dragon, to combat, and combat.



Shanghai dragon, widespread black hat and white hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. Black hat Shanghai dragon, often take the means of cheating, the search engine algorithm drill loopholes, a short period of time, improve the keywords ranking, but the search engine algorithm is constantly updated and improved, often just by means of cheating on key words, immediately in the search results will disappear Not the least trace was found. For example, not long ago, Google broke the black hat Shanghai Longfeng events, as well as domestic some time ago "s" event, no one is not.


three, Shanghai dragon occupation development

Shanghai Dragon technology, seems to spread, because Shanghai Dragon technology low? Or, because Shanghai Dragon technology is very easy to earn money? Or just want to help Shanghai Dragon technology website to get traffic from search engines?

no matter for what purpose, learn Shanghai Dragon technology, a common occupation of Shanghai Longfeng specialist to share with you about Shanghai dragon several understanding.

No matter what type of

after the search engine optimization on the basic structure of the website, the white hat Shanghai Longfeng, there are many methods and skills, which is why, as a keyword, why some sites will feature in the top three

is to optimize a website, the purpose of Shanghai dragon should enhance search engine friendliness and user experience as a benchmark, the final is not only web site traffic from search engines, but also to let the flow become valuable (SEM).