? Every day is hard to force the type to do, not what restriction. But to do so much, do you know to do the role of the chain? Generally, just take it as a single character to complete. Conversely, pay attention to the effect of the people, how to understand yourself. This will become an outstanding person. At the same time, also can better understand the value of the chain, what is reflected in. Of course, this is with the industry, there is a large difference of. For example, goods, need to combine the map in words. While consulting, better tend to rigorous words. Do more, you can recognize from different angles. This a simple exposition of the value chain, is divided into two aspects: narrative.

value of the chain, is still remarkable. Can assert that said: whenever possible, it is impossible to completely abandon the chain. As in the optimization.

What are the value chain of

2, brand promotion: relying on a single web page to do publicity, often is not enough. Unless, large quantities of users already have. Is the so-called: not afraid of deep alley, the truth is the same. However, most of the site or the need to go out, a lot of do some publicity, but gradually the brand culture. Depending on the time of an enhanced confidence gradually. If you can get the effect of ear ear transmission, promote the effect will be faster.

Summary: the


2, improve the search data feedback information content every day, will go to the database. According to the information content of a keyword written many times. Then, when a user searches, showing a high probability of a home in. For example, in the page weight can be ranked in the home front.

The traditional value chain:

1, the website weight: the chain was early to become emperor, the effect is much stronger. And outside the chain of today’s high threshold, the number of bound by the conditions increased. Such as Shanghai launched the "love chain" judge a book, there is a clear requirement. While the 360 is more explicit, for which the false or useless information, directly out of the house. There is a limit, but also show the effect of. The chain of high quality information, for the site to enhance the weight is of great help.

3, indirect guidance — flow: the chain of large amount of information, the depth is high, range is big. In this way, enhance the probability of capture by spiders. The trigger to the spider, repeatedly introduced. These will feedback to the database. The keyword search probability will be increased. Presumably on site traffic, will play a role.

1 users: the search and transformation to promote high quality links, but also gives some rights. Indeed, according to the search database that. The user to read a high quality content, the content will be impressed by the reality of. Then, will direct to home consumption. As, again good, also need to label.

two, the chain of the modern value of