I want to do Shanghai dragon knows reduces user bounce rate for the website how important it is, many have their own website webmaster want the user more time to stay on your own website, hope that more users to click on the page to see more content, and as far as possible to achieve transformation. Moreover, the site of low bounce rate will deepen the friendly search engine on our website, get a better score. So, what is what kind of website users we can reduce the rate of jump out? Today, Xiaobian said, I hope you do not laugh.

3. web page loading speed

users to browse over an article of intense interest, then he will lose the thinking > accounted for

Structure of According to The inner chain system layout

said the truth, no one should be love a dazzling flying advertising website. Indeed, advertising is one of the main means of our site earnings and liquidity, but it is a double-edged sword, if you do too, users will be very disgusted with your website, even some websites also use some "hooligans" to brush advertising, such as forced pop like, so users of the your impression will be very poor. So, we should be cautious to advertise, there are some pictures and video ads will slow down the site loading speed. So, this amount should be how to grasp is on our own, but don’t insatiably avaricious ruined his own website on the The loss outweighs the gain..

data show that if a web page load time longer than 12 seconds, the user will generally choose directly off the page. Moreover, this will not only reduce the favorability of the users of our website, increase the bounce rate of users, but also affect the search engine rankings on our website. This is a problem for our webmaster can not be ignored, as well as the solution, we can add pictures in the website like ah consumes more bandwidth, can also go to the site to get a CDN acceleration, many methods.

2. in advertising need to be cautious, don’t forget the user experience

should be easy to understand, no matter who it is, when you enter a website, find the website structure out of order, the hierarchy is not clear, trying to find the content they want, but in such a chaotic view can not start, if he was in a hurry, bad mood. I think no matter who will have to XXOO the producers a mood (cough cough… ), so we must give users a better experience and view clear and clear. The best use of tree structures to the layout of the network, this is the structure of search engine is very love, will add to our website favorability, and also can guide the user to enter what he wanted to know the content of the.

4. site goodIf we



1. website good, comfortable layout