what is your jump out rate?


can reflect the degree of bounce rate for users admitted that website, the bounce rate will be in the search engine algorithm, then the search engine is how to treat the

website jump out rate?

analysis tools to find a website jump out rate is the number of general jump rate refers to the browsing a page left to a group of users accounted for the percentage of page or a page access times, jump out rate is high, indicating that the user does not love your site, opposite your site users are welcome


reduce the "bounce rate must do two aspects, one is content to meet the needs of users, but also to help users, which requires a lot of content to the original site, a lot of attention to the user experience and so on! Is the other hand do website design, to ensure that the various functions of the site is simple easy to use, people come to your website can easily operate! It can maximally retain users

!Since In fact, we use Google

is still using Google analysis tool to illustrate it, not every site will install the statistical tool launched by Google search engine, so there is no way to obtain each site accurate bounce rate, so that these data can only be a reference to the search engine, because there is no universal bounce rate is not able to for the popular


then how to reduce the rate of jump out of "the

algorithm!But there is also a

by the above analysis, we know that for a website, the search engine is not optimized, but users, the search engine algorithm is very complicated, if you can put these algorithms thoroughly and can break, then you are not a simple Shanghai Dragon Phoenix staff, you are already in the national character so, what is.

is a website jump out rate is high, which is often to Shanghai dragon optimization workers irony, although you can put the website ranking was very high, but you don’t have to keep users on your site, a look at the left, this site is naturally there is no way to obtain a great development, earn money advertising can only be doing the flow, it is impossible to make a lot of money, so for Shanghai Longfeng workers, to solve the problem of high site bounce rate is also very important!

search engine can roughly draw out the rate data, such as people search the keywords website construction in Shanghai love inside, but the row in the front page of the website construction is not a user needs to open the site, will soon be closed, and then from the search engine to search another keyword, or choose another station, if these operations are in the search engine results, these natural search engine will be recorded for the first off the site many times, explain this website jump out rate is very high! For a long time, the key row in the front page of the website ranking will drop