January 18, 2013 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued a message, saying the recent part of the site using the Shanghai black chain link love to jump on, the way will be invalid. And called for the owners pay attention to the time of website security, safety monitoring. So far, the term black chain is pulled to the fore. In fact, these years, on the site to hang black chain case are not many, because we all understand that although the black chain can quickly improve their ranking in a short period of time, but there is no significance for the long-term development of the site and the snapshot of daily data, so most of the owners are no longer playing the attention, but some walking the ball or is our webmaster also uses the instant method.


to realize basic technique of black chain operation, so we should use those methods to accurately determine the site is being hung up the black chain


1 set the display property to none, which makes the site not visible external link information.

although the influence in the circle of the black chain is no longer strong, but as a general webmaster and I think we should not be harmful heart, the heart of man is not, being hung black chain is not a good thing, but also exists for the effects of their own website, so the black chain has a comprehensive the knowledge is very necessary. So the black chain generally through several forms which insert, generally by the addition of CSS style in the website source code to achieve. The method is mainly divided into four categories:

A often view the web page source code is a more effective measures, actually very simple, just right click on the page to select the source file on the line, this detection method can remove the black chain up home, will quickly remove strange links.

C using FTP upload tool, in general, space in the website space modification time we are most by the operation time, and if you find the file folder to modify a lot of time into the same or the distance is very short, so the site is likely to be linked to the black chain, this time we’re going to the corresponding file transfer to the local computer, and then see if there is a strange link in the source code, but the asp+access station.

B on the webmaster tools, we must not only consider it as a web site detection function, in fact, dead link detection which is also very useful, at least to be able to check all links on the page, and identify which links can be accessed, which links to link those inexplicable, strange, from eight or nine the ten is the black chain.

4 via the link position, the link appears to reach the visible screen, black chain effect.

2 or will link the character set into infinite, in order to achieve the purpose of deceiving the past.

3 will link character and web page background color of the same or similar to the link is not visible.