webmaster through practice for many years, and now want to share with you about love Shanghai optimization skills. If writing is not good, please forgive me!

pseudo original theory: pseudo original is always a headache, many webmaster of this ambition miserable, the need to manually update every day or very cumbersome tools for pseudo original content. But, I want to say is: pay only harvest (included and ranking). I think that the pseudo original is very good and practical, although the readability is not high, upside down, but in terms of the increase, maintain and update snapshot within 24 hours, for friends of the chain is very important Oh

acquisition station to do high weight and high collection of skills is not what difficult thing, as long as you keep collecting (within the capacity limit daily increase of 50-100), add some high quality soft Wen on the site (the suffix together with your station address), the spider will frequently visit your site and timely update information included. The important point, want to make their own stand included high must have a good program, to support the generation of static. Another point is necessary to buy some increase in the chain weight. Because of the increasing and stable included is the role of the chain, so the chain is very important. There have been many webmaster can’t find, why the updated content included second days but less? The only reason is that you stand outside the chain too little, search engine recognition is not high, or is the excessive optimization.

finally, if you agree with me please support, if you feel badly written please step on, thank you! From my experience, key steps and planning website is also very important to Oh, want to have good rankings have to. Well, today is the first to share with you this, if you have what method can better share of the original article from Deqing! Real estate network www.yaodq贵族宝贝, reproduced please indicate the source, welcome to contact me to communicate QQ:135095544>


pseudo original station to achieve high weight and high collection of skills than the simple acquisition station, because the network of millions of station is to rely on the contents of replication to modify your the one and only "original", so we do not have to worry about problems included pseudo original content, as long as you do the chain every day, update the content, you will stand by you. As for the problems above included reduction (acquisition theory), find the root cause to remove…

acquisition theory: many Adsense on collecting or false original site does not support all comments, in accordance with the rule that means will only bring more harm and not good to the station. But according to my years of practice, the collection site can still share the high weight love Shanghai, included tens of thousands, the snapshot is within 24 hours of update, update the second station. But for the acquisition has been without doing the right optimization of the site, the weight given to the station of course low, don’t even say the recording and snapshot in time.

acquisition or pseudo original station is not without the benefit of