but in fact if there will be a result, as long as the webmaster to further analysis, can quickly diagnose the higher ranking factors behind the low flow of this abnormal phenomenon. As for the website optimization, website ranking and website profit is proportional, but once ranked high and low flow, then the proportional relationship will be broken, but turned into an inverse relationship, so the diagnosis of the reasons behind the very important basis and then solve it.

second web site space is not stable landing page often not open. This is many webmaster love to buy virtual space is cheap, or buy some American space, because the United States in the purchase of space, will not be affected for the stability of the site, but also is affected. If a site in Shanghai love home, but the landing page is often not open, the nature can not import traffic, and if the landing page often can’t open it, but also easy to cause the love to punish Shanghai, thus affecting the stability of ranking of a website in May, after a period of time, the rank of the website it will also lose. So choose a good stable space, while ensuring the stable landing page is a prerequisite for the increased traffic.

generally speaking, if a site ranked high and low flow problems. Basically have the following factors, if you in the diagnosis of your site, if the matching factors and the You’ll see., so how to solve this, let your website to get rid of high and low ranking traffic embarrassing.


third, the website will also affect the degree of experience. Although the ranking of a website is higher, the hits will be so attractive to users more, in a sense, it has good flow, and the flow rate is proportional to the relationship between the rankings and is fit, but if the website landing page design and >

believes that many webmaster through their own efforts, the ranking is a very good performance in the website, and even was also able to occupy Shanghai love home position, but many webmaster friends did not get good profits, the reason lies in the ranking of the site though, but the website traffic has not been rising. But once this situation is often easy to let the webmaster think website optimization useless feeling, which will eventually lead to loss of power the webmaster of the operation of the site, resulting in the final failure.

first, relatively unpopular. Many webmaster in website optimization, tend to have this experience, that is the site keywords more popular, so the degree of competition will be lower, so the site’s ranking will be higher, so many webmaster is desperately looking for some popular keywords to optimize this keyword although optimization to the first page, but the search volume is rare, so naturally there is no higher ranking. Usually the right keywords heat in the 100 love Shanghai index, so if the optimization of keywords to the home page, you can often get good traffic.