white paper, the size and position of advertising has a detailed specification, regardless of any nature of the mobile page, users do not want to see too many advertisements in a screen, so to love Shanghai mobile page advertising area should be as small as possible.

" of the vulgar illegal, false advertising content

in the user browse page, vulgar advertising (and not limited to illegal pornography, gambling, law prohibited goods or services) whether it is pictures or text chain will have great interference to the user, it will crack down on love Shanghai.


"advertising will directly lead to the improper use of web users’ loss of

long ago, love Shanghai user experience for the user of the satisfaction survey, found that many malicious low-quality advertising seriously undermining the user search experience. In order to allow the user to successfully complete the behavior of the search, search released "love love Shanghai Shanghai mobile search advertising experience landing page white paper -", to expose the illegal advertising behavior of some love Shanghai search will crack down.

website to become bigger and stronger, not only put the egg in the advertisement basket, reasonable advertising is necessary, but more important is how to retain customers and transformation, reasonable research on user data to enhance the user operation ability, combined with their own website to analyze, mainly from the web traffic and crowd analysis and explore the content + new business mode, gradually change the problem of the loss of WAP page overloaded brings users in user experience and wide.

"advertising style, the main content is in the position of shielding against range

will take a "

‘website can only rely on advertising to make money? "

imagine a search scene, when the user search needs love Shanghai search for information using a mobile phone, find the website to access the content, appearance of small mobile phone screen is all advertising clutter, let users cannot find the information, if you are a user, presumably would not continue to see, will choose to jump directly browse other web content.

many site owners will have this thinking: your website is not easy to operate together, finally to be able to find the advertising advertising to make money, so anxious to put advertising website, but your advertisement really will let you earn more

is a mobile phone as everyone knows the love of Shanghai has 600 million users in the use of mobile phone search client, has played an irreplaceable role in the Chinese user information access. High quality and reasonable advertising information as supplement, and the low quality of the advertising to love Shanghai and the site itself will bring a very fatal blow.


mobile landing page advertisement chaos remediation, to help Shanghai love cooperation quality content from the site search flow loss, and to search for the site users to provide a healthy and safe environment for efficient search.