3. subjective

1. flow

Keywords Keywords

Shanghai dragon’s mission is to improve the keywords ranking, but for businesses, some keywords ranking ascension brings flow in limited conversion does not bring qualitative leap into sales. We do network promotion, one should try to improve the site traffic, for example, increase efforts to do the Shanghai dragon, on the other hand, improve the site conversion rate can also facilitate the transaction. The site of the Shanghai dragon, the choice of keywords is a ring on the very test technology, the application of search engine has been quite common, the traditional keyword has evolved into a science, Shanghai Longfeng difficulty, site traffic volume, and the choice of keywords will hook. Therefore, choose the key words, means that our orders will be considerably improved. I choose the key principle is very simple, from the perspective of industry users, to avoid the subjective attempt an ineffective solution like. Really want to identify the user search for something that is the right choice we do Shanghai dragon.


. For example, you are a car repair workers need to find work in this area in Beijing. "Beijing auto repair technician" than "auto Recruitment" precise multi. Many companies will make such mistakes in the advertising also. In fact, many users in the information received by the communication you are receiving, memory to a limited extent, you said no one would remember the exact name of a company in advertising. For example, our company website construction project, search for "construction of Beijing campus website than" Beijing website construction "accurate, but the search flow basically will produce several months. How much more precise words is not easy to control traffic. Although the search engine will help you simplify the intelligent combination of keywords, keyword difficulty, but if you take the words too accurate positioning, but The loss outweighs the gain.


How to consider the precise extent of the keyword

each industry will have a large flow. The site of the primary key selection, course select large flow, large flow is the cornerstone of website sales. From this perspective, as long as the premise in Shanghai Longfeng ability, choose what keywords are not a problem. However, the flow of the keywords are usually divided into two kinds, one is the real flow, reflects the actual needs of users, stable and effective competition, often is fierce, is a false traffic, the use of the software to brush, a large flow in a short period of time, or search an event triggered by the surge for example, "the Spring Festival evening sleeping sister" Louis Liu magic secret "of similar events, can let the keywords for several weeks are very high. However, the need for long-term development of the website, through the flow to determine the keyword usually is not wise. Whether execution, capital, manpower, time series of Shanghai dragon inputs and your return will make you money? Flow keywords with great efforts to make up, to ensure you are profitable?

2. too precise keywords