. A good website, whether home or even in the column page, page picture for users to consider, each image was added in order to better display page theme and content, users can picture can generally understand the content of a page, so the picture is very clear key. The resolution is not too high, can be clearly displayed in front of the user is good, the picture size requirement of web page structure, don’t show the reel right and left user browsing appear on the visual, the error is not good, will feel the site overall texture is poor.

don’t know the webmaster have no impression, "The Brain" first guests invited Robin Li back to Shanghai CEO love. I remember very clearly, the first player "super spot king, the player can find out the difference in the tens of thousands of elements in the comparison chart. Robin Li said: "this is actually a kind of search, in the tens of thousands of pictures to find out which one is not the same, a search technology which is love Shanghai. Fourth players of "thousand faces housewife", can the memory of different face, both wearing make-up can accurately identify. Robin Li commented: "this abstract is very difficult to learn computer, we learn to engage in computer pattern recognition research for decades, now in the world the most powerful artificial intelligence is the most powerful, probably can only reach two or three years old children’s intelligence, so I was very impressed on such a strong abstract pattern recognition ability."

image search is the future development trend of search engine, so, the webmaster should do website image optimization is the key to the future of the search results include image search function, so let’s talk about the image optimization to pay attention to what details:

?1, the picture quality is

2, ALT tag. Zhang Yugan has been in the Alt tag "analysis: as to how to do site optimization" Shanghai dragon pictures: pictures for additional information, in some cases, the user speed is not good or other reasons, not a good picture of the whole show, can understand the meaning of images to express the meaning through the Alt attribute text. Here Alt do not stack keywords, according to the pictures to illustrate the specific content, such as a picture is "a library of Xiamen University", "University", don’t just write this information display is not clear, search engines may be mistaken for cheating.

3, picture display. A lot of editing in the background when the edit, upload pictures, but the picture is displayed "X", the image cannot be displayed properly. The picture does not show the biggest reason is that the user speed is not good or the space authority, in addition to the two possible reasons: "there is a picture of the save path error". Website > Tim

from the above we can see that love Shanghai’s future search technology to identify the picture content direction, it also can help users solve the actual needs. Robin Li wants to tell you all this love is perhaps the future of Shanghai, more cool, more interesting, more beyond people’s imagination.

image optimization in detail where