we all know that the website is ranked in order to obtain special keywords, how to optimize the key words? What is the key? Is not a page content, such as home page, column page, these pages are composed of many words of the original page, and details page is the specific content, not necessarily the original as long as it reflects the content, the added value is a quality between pages; all the pages are linked to each other, which is the core keywords in segments, like a tree, tree branches, and leaves, are closely related, which is called the site structure. We want to optimize a keyword, the first is not starting from the details page optimization? Because every page is poured into the weight of each other, each page has a link to the home page, so the page access to keywords ranking is the most easily, but the goal of optimization or in the details page, because it is used to express the content of a keyword, the user is concerned, to understand the content, so the details page is the most important in the optimization of key words. If a website is only a large number of keywords page, without introducing keywords >

in here with keywords optimization technology as an example, we all know that different keywords have different degree of competition, the competition of different have different optimization strategies, if we optimize the keywords of this type with the optimization method, if the next time you encounter different keywords, and how does it work? Here mainly refers to the novice, for experienced people may also be confused, because the search engine ranking changes at any time, so the data analysis of a website is very important, in many parts of the adjustment are the need to have a certain basis, rather than just changes, is when we do anything operation, think about why do this? What is the basis? What would be the effect? A qualified website operation, is to know how to look at the data, data analysis, data screening, The direction of the next step operation from these data.

is a website of Shanghai Longfeng get an optimization technique for natural ranking in the search engines is to optimize a keyword, a whole page quality, which can in the vast Internet talent shows itself in the rankings show the way. Express is a word, the layout and content of website optimization keywords, keywords and overall quality, the actual operation, no one can do this, why? Because the optimization process is very long, only in accordance with the correct steps long time update, adjustment and maintenance, ranking will be used the time is stable, so there is no patience, no correct direction and poor execution of this technology is very difficult to do. I am from the recess to the point most will make mistakes, that is in fact dependent, Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology is not dead, mainly to see if you have a clear idea of the optimization, once a person has on heart, it will not think to do anything, others will only give us direction the specific operation, or to rely on their own to analyze, to try, the most important is the implementation, in such a way that they will grow.