love Shanghai big update, Kedeng blog site outside the chain increased, but it did reduce a lot, and it is estimated that there will be some time ago to change the title, in the search keywords ranking, website optimization also dropped from second pages, which make people very depressed, how to restore the webmaster keywords sharp decline today? And share with you.

: the first site title change

third: search engine algorithm

keyword ranking sharply is not terrible, terrible is the webmaster do not know how to analyze the website, do not know how to think of ways to solve my problem, but the site you encounter this problem, first to analyze the website from many aspects. Different reasons to find a solution to solve the problems mentioned above, different solutions, and we talk about:

This situation leads to Why

site in the search engine, search engine has a fixed on the existing site title, but you can change the title, the search engine will not know your station, will have a new understanding of your new words, there is a review on the site, included during this website is not reduced by K, the search engines included but not put out, this is very normal, it is normal.

search engine in the update, because the algorithm leads to different web site keywords ranking drop, this is possible, we can see the morning in the BBS algorithm is not changed in that key words are out, you can see your websites, their keyword ranking is also decreased if you are down, it really is the search engine algorithm in change.

keyword ranking is down, it is depressed, the webmaster in the chain do, don’t buy black chain, not for ranking cheating, search engines look out of your station will make the punishment. This is the K keyword that is not very good. Not for ranking and optimization, the immediate interests are not so important.


fifth: the site was attacked

: first because if >

fourth: the same site competition

second: Web site space is not stable

keywords ranking will fall, can be analyzed from the following aspects:


site space is not stable, the spiders crawl, not into your website, how can we give you a snapshot update, increase the content included, if the reason is because the server is not stable due to the drop, the webmaster will not feel too lose.

ranking sharply let the webmaster very headache, is also associated with this and similar sites of competition. Different sites do the same keywords, there will always be up or down. The weight of high standing may be the search engine for ranking will rise quickly, not the weights of the station may be due to instability by K. In this case, the webmaster do not worry, the search engine will give you back weight.