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find some recent fire star pictures or something to attract traffic, like a few days ago Jeremy Lin, because a Chinese fired yesterday and raise a Babel of criticism of Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day, in 10 days began to update many love pictures, more adorable better, which makes my website in the two days of sudden traffic, slowly recovered and included weight.

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this is not what to say, is to be done. Is a bit uncomfortable, I think PR4’s website, there are some keywords ranking, exchange chain with some PR1 sites, even many people are not willing to let me awful unceasingly, did not have a vision of development, I now site of full recovery, and I exchanged a chain of new sites will have some impact on my website, certainly must enhance weight. I drop right after every day to find some good points of the website snapshot collection and exchange chain, either PR3 or PR1, as long as PR is not 0, the website included a good line, only to speed up the recovery of weight, weight loss before recovery.

to tell you the truth, I didn’t do what cheating, is most likely the original mobile phone wallpaper the keyword density is about 7%, slightly higher, there is something new home, what did not update, I reckon that, the keyword density diluted to 5%, and then began to restore the weight trip.



1, find the right down

chain now I do not worry, every day in addition to send several forums and A5 signature, only write A5 soft Wen, not quantity, but high quality, but even so, I got a soft, it is difficult to write, write an article to write for a long time, the loss of my website for several years, big and small encounter something very much, some things can be written, or more of a headache. And I found A5 soft if not in the home, basically no what effect, have to go home every day to the top, mix some hits and reproduced, was brought to the site a pile of high quality chain. Yes, don’t remind you of the A5 forum to publish articles > soft release area

wallpaper website before returning home when he was down the right, do 1 months or so, the website included and ranking was restored and almost before, this station for more than a year, the website of PR4 some time ago daily IP was only 10 a few, Links is removed from the light I think, more than sad, now in exchange for a Links, is a novice to suspicion and contempt, a link is not two days it was taken off the back and forth, weight leads to 1,2 months, complete restoration of style, bitter ah, of course, more than a month the website also is really full recovery soon, some people is right down for 1 months, the home page included come back every 1 months, I talk about the two days I do some operation restore weight:


3, Links

4, soft