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In 4,

recently received a printing plant list, the goal is to help the factory bring customers in a short period of time, to optimize the product page long tail word, home XX printing, XX printing network as a supplement, because we usually want printing leaflets, name card will directly in the search engine search "surface area" + printing products for example, Fuzhou Fuzhou name card printing, name card printing price, the customer turnover rate is very high, we mainly through the optimization of these words to bring customers to introduce the following stand inside and outside the station optimization process

8, some do not do the ranking page or do not want to let the spider crawl the page on the robots inside, stop the search engine grab

3 and navigation "home" two words into "Fuzhou printing page", added keywords enhance navigation is very helpful to the website ranking, the equivalent of the anchor text of the station.

two, the chain deployment of

6, do 404 error pages, improve the user experience, to prevent the bounce rate too high

Add keywords in the title of The Most of us >

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1, logo in the ALT tag keyword, such as "Fuzhou printing"

analysis included, trans, ranking

a week, trans, ranking, improved update scheme

7, the domain name with WWW 301 to take the WWW domain name, the weight without www transfer to the WWW domain name to

Statistical analysis included station

site map generation for spiders crawl

, a station optimization

5, the station for the update, one is to improve the correlation, also improve the website home page keyword density, many of my friends are at the bottom of the stack keywords, in fact, as long as we increase the keywords can achieve the purpose of improving the keyword density.

, 2 day mission

1, for the first time the task


2, in order to improve the site density at the site of the Feifei company profile, column names, bottom place add keywords, site density is relatively large in ranking effect.

increased at the bottom of the site navigation, optimize good Sitelinks, facilitate the spider crawling

3, weekly task

10, we can do some quiz module, the long tail word to use.