Internet thinking is a broad concept, this concept is not fine, for example, but evolving, the earliest Taobao website, but is a secondary trading site, but Ma free shop idea will not only international competition opponent, thus creating a powerful Ali empire. Millet mobile phone with hunger marketing strategy, "opened up the custom outlet, so millet has become one of the most famous mobile phone company, but now it is free shop or hunger marketing, in the Internet is not what happens to


need to embrace the Internet thinking of using the Internet service

instant search because of its state-owned background, as the entrance information search engine, the scrutiny of highly politicized and content will be inevitable. "Not all the Ministry of the record of" full name >

need to embrace the Internet user experience

about the instant search, from the advent of fresh concern, love Shanghai search related news, the few, and ambiguous, however, from a few news reports in a short of immediate search, development and predecessor to today’s "Chinese search", is a typical "traditional companies to embrace Internet failures, so the instant search failed to now hot traditional companies to embrace the Internet who illuminate the


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what is the Internet thinking, I’m afraid no one can give an accurate answer. With reference to some successful business experience, including Internet Co, we have formed such a concept, in the traditional industry is the first to manufacture and sell products to the Internet is to ask the user needs and then to manufacture products, perhaps this is a kind of thinking of the Internet, but not necessarily meet all of the traditional enterprise.

if the "immediate search" no Deng Ya Ping, no "2 billion yuan" investment, so, this is known as the "national team" search product, perhaps silently buried in the "network poineering project thousands of failure". Recently, Deng Ya Ping in the "chairman" China ten Laurence Championships Committee reappeared in the spotlight, the media seems to still remain in the immediate search 2 billion investment, after Deng Ya Ping silence for one year, for the first time to respond to "light 2 billion" incident, "said in its own justice, rumors will eventually burst"

instant search is the predecessor of "people search", is the search industry national team! It can be said that if in the past the inherent pattern, with "China" in the name of the enterprise, invincible! However, the network doesn’t work. Many traditional enterprises to achieve the ultimate, summon wind and call for rain in the traditional channel, also, to the Internet, the previous resources all of a sudden failure, if hold up big determination, as long as there is money, fame, so, even if do not understand the Internet thinking, do not understand the network technology, can also create a career in the internet. In fact, this idea of business usually finally died down, as there is No.