, a unified user experience and search engine is born


three, around the user experience to improve search engine friendly approach

in fact, many of the Shanghai dragon simply is defined as the search engine for the existence and development of a friend and ignore a problem, that is the search engine has the function and significance of the birth itself is to help users find information in Internet users want the vast ocean of information, from this technically it is itself in order to enhance the user experience and the existence and development, so it and user experience are uniform in nature, their relationship is not only not contradictory, but has strong generality, worthy of our website optimization in Shanghai Longfeng actively use this relationship to promote the process of.

2, high correlation, high quality, similar Links

two, why the user experience as the forerunner of Shanghai dragon


understand common relationship between search engine and user experience, we do Shanghai dragon website optimization is of great significance, since the search engine itself is also in order to enhance the user experience and existence, so the user experience is our important standard exhibition in Shanghai dragon, so as to carry out the pilot work of optimization is the best way to coordinate the relationship between the two, this requires us to use a search engine to look for users to consider, so that users can obtain high quality information they need, so that the search engine can obtain the information from the web site to provide users.

users after finding a website to get more of the same web site for more information, will often refer to this website provided by Links website, these Links most should be associated with the theme of the site content of similar sites, the only way to allow users to find more friends of the chain with the theme of the website. >

search engine and users alike, they all want to get fresh information on the Internet before, at the same time this information is of concern, users have the actual demand will search their content, and provides the content of the web site information should have considerable quality, rather than on the Internet without reference value, they can’t help spam answer the question, otherwise the user does not love, the search engine will naturally take this kind of information filtering. Therefore, high quality, fresh, rich content information is to win customers love, let love on the web search engine

1, high quality, fresh, rich content information

Fuji magic!

in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization process, how to deal with the relationship between user experience and search engine, many people need to think about, many people think that Shanghai dragon itself is in the search engine and carry out, the final effect is to make the site to get good rankings and included in the search engine, there to improve the weights. As for the user experience should obey the primary objectives and principles. In fact, that is not the case for winning technology.