breadcrumb navigation can not only improve the user experience, inform the user where to come in, can also return to the breadcrumb navigation, but also can be used to improve keyword ranking. In fact, there is a column with bread crumbs, complement each other, because we are using the most breadcrumbs keywords column called keywords. For example: A5 station to see

presented here is mainly aimed at the core keywords ranking operation. On the importance of tittle we many people say not obvious to people, easily change the tittle, but I did know tittle experimental changes necessary to grasp a degree, not only let the keywords ranking drop, instead of using lifting. But here we discuss how to express the core keywords tittle instead of how to change the tittle without being punished. I want to know some following many methods all 00 spread, the author only uses an example to sum up:


do not know if you have not found the details of these tittle and not too many words, is not very long. I do not know many keywords, will spread the weight, because I haven’t done this experiment. But a personal observation site, I think two to three key.

chose this column is because the scope of this column is not so wide, and other columns such as news. Keywords so widely it is difficult to analyze the surface phenomenon.

as a section of the page, the name of the program is usually a keyword, then the column keyword + core keywords. This method is very old-fashioned, we all understand, but it does have a good effect. A recent revision of the website, tittle is so set, however, rewriting tittle did not bring punishment, but let the keywords ranking rose to the top three. Because more pages are included, we column name + core key words was retrieved more, this is the use of keywords ranking. We will take a look at A5 one of the rankings: (the first three belong to PPC)



three, breadcrumb navigation

tittle take the form of the title + core keywords article. We look at the core keywords A5 article is the webmaster nets, actually take the A5 for this example is the lack of evidence, want to try is not really so, core keywords you can try other normal website article tittle in this form to express the rankings, so also the results of the. We look at the A5 keyword ranking in Google webmaster nets:

two, the tittle


, a tittle