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then is Shanghai dragon Optimization: we know that the website design Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology will also design the main site code is simple, not too much to love, not practical JS script, but do not want to ah ah what practical picture, animation, if the page if the main text, the search engine is more affected by love in addition, in terms of content, as far as possible the related website keywords in the content inside, while the content to the user help, the best is original, it is not false original is acceptable; it also needs inside and outside the chain chain site must have internal chain optimization, do not have the dead links don’t be too complex, the chain is the more the better, The more, the better.

is the first user experience: we know that generally improve the user experience from the website design, allowing users to see very beautiful, at the same time some animation display, I feel very interesting, in addition to the above we need to provide users with practical articles, to help users, website design to be concise, find pages do not need the path too much, usually just click three times to find the final page, all these things well, even if there is a good user experience

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even someone has done such an experiment, is a day on his blog to write a lot of original, in accordance with the search engine’s suggestions don’t do the chain, because the chain of these high quality articles quoted after, according to the just to give the user a good experience we can have a good ranking, but in fact this blog ranking is very low, so there has been no what flow, and finally had to put up the shutters! Here that search engine failure case! We know that good user experience and make Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a certain distinction! This is the two in Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology! If we can put them together very well, so this site will be able to obtain good results, but to fusion, or the first to understand the user experience and Some differences between Shanghai Dragon Technology

from the introduction above that integration of the intersection between improving the user experience and the optimization of Shanghai dragon, also have different characteristics, the intersection is mainly reflected in the content of the site construction above, so we want to optimize the user experience and Shanghai dragon to be fusion from the contents to the course at present do, just rely on the user experience to improve.

search engine in that, to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, first to do user experience, although this sentence is not wrong, but we know if we want to make the user experience, take a long time, often not what idea, need to constantly summarize in practice. Even the good user experience, but the website ranking was not a great improvement in the imagination, on the contrary that only do Shanghai Longfeng optimization but it can get a good ranking, this result, let us feel the search engine give us these Adsense opened a big joke!

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