fourth plugin: simple tags

is a classic tag plugin, which can automatically generate keywords. In order to increase included, included more, will naturally get more traffic from search engines.

fifth: DAGO design sitemap generator

plugin: noble baby

users love Shanghai is the search engine, because the noble baby XML sitempas just for the foreign search engine Sitemaps, so we must also install the Baidu Sitemap plugin Generator, so as to have the benefit for love in Shanghai.

all in one first plugin: Shanghai dragon

pluginAs the domestic

this add-on has now become more and more perfect. In addition to the automatic generation of Sitemaps files, but also inform Bing and Iask noble baby, the three major search engines, tell the search engine blog has been updated, please as soon as possible to grab. This website is very helpful.

third: Baidu Sitemap Generator


second XML sitemaps

all in one Shanghai, this did not need to say, Er is all Shanghai dragon WordPress will install plug-in. It can modify each of the title and discritpion, is very helpful to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is do the optimization of the essential plug-in. Some people on the network all in one said Shanghai dragon is not conducive to love Shanghai included, no evidence of this, I use WordPress to build the blog also has for several years, never found such a problem. We are now at the FV all in one Shanghai Longfeng same function.

Taobao customers believe that no one do not know WP. WordPress is a PHP language and MySQL database development source program. Due to the installation and use of WP are very simple, and very powerful, and can use the plugin template number is very large, now WordPress has become a platform for mainstream Blog abroad. The benefits of WordPress here is not to say, many of my friends are in use, also can understand. But many novice friends have been playing very well, I will share with you the guest must master Taobao 10 WordPress plugin.

this plugin I found a lot of friends are not installed, in fact, this plug-in is very useful. Is also a site map generation plug-in, and in front of the goolge xm>