second, original content oriented analysis. The Internet search engine marketing is an invisible war, in this war, every good website can talent shows itself in the search engine, we use the most stupid way of understanding, is certainly the best quality of the website will be preferred, be stationmaster of a lot of black hat using black cap means also want to win the results, I think this is not within the scope of this article, what kind of site will be recommended? Undoubtedly, valuable and high quality website first, value and quality, the best way is to reflect the differences in the quality of your content, and more obvious, or is the peer some worthless liushuizhang like articles, actually this is the embodiment of high value content, because the original content is the one and only, is the new view, is full of reading price >

first, the timeliness of the content information. First we understand a concept, after the evaluation period is the site submit love Shanghai love Shanghai, included a period after the home, accept the investigation of the time for love Shanghai website. This period of time may be more likely to 1 months, the key is to see how their website at this time to do the basic optimization, here I think we optimized eighty or ninety per cent on the content of construction, so let’s look at the first point, the timeliness of information content analysis. With the search engine algorithm for the upgrading of the higher quality requirement, but the site assessment period, the author thinks that the timeliness of website content will affect the love of Shanghai for the collection and the quality assessment, timeliness mainly focus in the industry "best article closely linked to the current, generally we are frequent. Hot news information, large portal comment according to the analysis of hot topics on using love Shanghai friends may be found in Shanghai, love the search results page for the latest news of the timeliness of processing display priority, such as searching for some hot products will appear on a recent day’s news portal some key words, love Shanghai shows the micro-blog keywords for the critical analysis, in fact, these details of what the main. If you want to pass these different display modes allow users to analyze their own to choose their own areas of concern, but these different ways of showing a common point is key is the latest word information, micro-blog or third party comment views worth mentioning, industry portals worth mentioning, although different in form but the timeliness is these platforms can be the first time to show the generality of.

as everyone knows, new website we must do the above things, set the column optimization, site structure, the three major label written, "the basic information of the imperfect and so do these after the author believes that a key point is the core content of the construction of the new station to do a good job, less than a month online site. After the first time to submit the above information to improve the search engine, a spider of the home friendly included, the author will focus on the analysis of the key points in the assessment period the content of construction.