began when the search engine optimization dragon and Shanghai, almost all of the Shanghai dragon Er think a lot of the chain to your site in the search engine rankings is the most beneficial, is the fastest. But at that time we are not considered all of these is the chain is effective, high quality. We have not considered these chain is likely to bring some negative effects on our website. When the Shanghai time as a mature technology of dragon and Phoenix are gradually optimized, we begin to realize this problem. But this time is too late, because we have put the chain all out, no chance to change.

according to some data the author found in the network above and in the two day the other owners to use the situation, the Shanghai new Webmaster Tools love is definitely outweigh the costs for the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er who. Love and Shanghai is to launch this tool should also feel from the rest of the search engine to start for the use of pressure, quality of the users more attention.

but now launched beat version, this tool is also likely to give the webmaster to bring some disadvantages, especially for those who just contact Shanghai Longfeng webmaster will be more cautious to use. Because the chain who refused the use of this tool can be in the back, once refused is permanent. So for those people must be careful, otherwise there would be reduced their website in Shanghai love ranking.

but now love Shanghai refused to launch this chain tool beta version webmaster tools again gave us a chance to choose whether the chain can exist. For those of us who have placed on the outside N the chain, and now plagued by these negative effects bring chain is the webmaster is a very practical, but also very convenient tool. We can use this tool to those of low quality now, the chain of garbage refuse to connect to our website, the negative impact will be the low quality of the chain has reduced to a great extent.

overall, love Shanghai recent action has been in use in order to improve the quality of the user’s efforts. It recently launched a number of tools and algorithms — to the chain work >

in March 1st when Shanghai launched a beat version of love to the chain, which triggered a discussion on the network website and Shanghai dragon optimization friends. This topic is that if this new webmaster tools to love Shanghai in addition to the official version, for the webmaster is more advantages than disadvantages.

I think if Shanghai love can be launched a judge those outside the chain of garbage outside the chain, which is the quality of the chain outside the chain of tools. As a result of these two tools are collocation of words, the absolute strength of the webmaster work can be greatly reduced. It will greatly facilitate the new.