railway station, how to choose the domain name? Here to tell you a few points need to pay attention to the choice of Name:

everyone in the new requirements, the server space is to be stable, otherwise, when the love of spiders in Shanghai visit your website, there isn’t open phenomenon, it is not friendly to love Shanghai, love Shanghai nature will not pay attention to your site.

when you see the title of this article, you will probably understand this article is in the service of Shanghai dragon for the novice, veteran, a new station on the line how to do the optimization without me! Let’s get to the point, if I am wrong, please point it out. Share the progress of


3. space line selection. We do point in time, the best choice of the double space, this is not South access card. You have to stand that site open speed is the fundamental point to retain customers, if the site opened too slowly, the customer will not wait too long time, so that your loss is likely to be an order, furthermore, the website too slow to affect search engines. Do you want to know the search engine is just an ordinary user. Recommendation: assumes


, a new domain name:

3. domain name suffix. In the domain name market, close to the贵族宝贝 domain name resources shortage, here it is recommended that you registered贵族宝贝 domain name, why? If you do brand promotion, a贵族宝贝 domain name is more authoritative, two is in line with the user’s input habit. When we enter the domain name, will enter the贵族宝贝 not natural. Recommendation: * * *

2. IDC business. Everyone in the choice of business space, try to choose a qualified service provider, a server is stable, and strong customer service service! Recommendation: assumes

two, the new space choice:

2. domain correlation. For example, we do L-carnitine, we register the domain name the best choice and target related keywords, such as: zuoxuanroujian贵族宝贝, Shanghai is so love of your domain points. Recommendation: assumes

1. new registered domain name. Since we do new sites, just like their own doll, what is new, if you registered the domain name is the old name, it is quite possible that the old domain name is love Shanghai right down, there is not much good for keywords ascension! Registered domain name, the best love in Shanghai domain: your domain name see if there is a chain of record, if the record, it shows that the domain name is registered, or we don’t choose to register the domain name for good! Recommended: assumes people

. space?

1. do not use free space. One is not stable, two is slow, three ad, four is the IP server has a lot of garbage station, it caused great damage to our new sites, if using the free station, or advise you not to do the station. Recommendation: assumes

. How to choose the