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deserves the title of the party, decided not only the title of the party. The title with a long tail keywords content around the best headline, no ground for blame. The best title does not need symbol, if the middle space needs symbols on the line, this is from the A5 submission will know. There is a picture of what the figure. Finally, and most importantly, to love a good title in Shanghai, to see if there is no repeat, not yet written is destined to be the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

on update

love Shanghai is how to read, you know? Many people say, love Shanghai read the article, not to see the anchor. In fact, we can learn how to edit those news websites, or Lu Songsong these high-profile cases. A few points, key part can add or modify the font. Change the color of the picture below can be used, can add alt attribute description, not less. The first and last paragraph is very important, the anchor as natural as possible. Sometimes you can change the style of writing, such as a note, recommended reading, and what the version description tips.

fifth: on the chain

second: about

read an article A5 webmaster network: how to send the chain to get the weight of the injection? To be honest, thanks to the A5 station network, also thank colleagues, perhaps the spirit of sharing in order to optimize the industry sustained development of network. By Dongfeng, about how to write the article is

is the update frequency and the number of articles. In fact, if you can write the words that are of high quality original content, is certainly more better. However, Shanghai dragon has always been a gradual work, can not write a day or a month. The best way is, at night can think good article title or written, upload every morning.

: a third anchor link

is currently three points, the first is to continue to do before, the word around anchor link is not determined; second do anchor link, write good; the third is the link of nature, a little less. Of course, the third felt very right. However, pay attention to the diversity of the anchor text, the words can not always. Pay attention to the diversity of the anchor link address, not always the front page or channel page.

update, the chain need to recommend? Before someone said he is not outside the chain, this is debatable. The search engine ranking voting mechanism really completely abandoned? Those sites not good, do a lot of news sources, the case has been strong ranking meet the eye everywhere (pictured above). The test, after writing an article, no chain, no results, not included.