gorgeous blog, of course, can attract many young friends, but too much effect will inevitably lengthen the opening time of the blog, so many people will lose the open patience. High speed, simple, easy to use, and featured blogs attract most people.

2, a good blog generally has a good domain name and blog name

joined Taobao has been for several months, how many have some understanding of it, the author made a single product Taobao station, website template is used in DEDECMS station system, backstage management is convenient, and the search engine to favor this kind of website structure, included is very good. Space is used abroad, there is no record, because we all know that the domestic space needs filing, very troublesome.

content is to operate as mentioned above, to update a few articles on the line every day, keep the law, there is link to arrange, not all chain to the home page, to add to the anchor text of other pages, so that it will not be search engine think you are cheating.

Taobao customers, a more familiar term, that is, individuals use the Taobao alliance to promote the merchandise, after Taobao transactions, you can get certain figurines gold. Although the stations are very active, but there are still a lot of people to join the ranks of Taobao customers, have to earn the first guest Wangzhuan Taobao gold pen figurines of their own, the combination of personal experience to talk about the new Taobao off the first pot of gold is how to.

good blogging programs are an important guarantee for blogging success. For example, Zblog, WordPress and so on, are excellent independent blog program, if you do not intend to spend money, Baidu space, Sohu blog, blogbus may be a good choice for you.

in the external links, forum and blog is very small, so this is not a permanent solution, only suitable for novice Taobao customer sites such as pre operation, there is a certain improvement, can find friendship.

5, insist on writing articles

As for the

4, use the picture

1, choose a good blog program

there is a registered blog, this article is relatively easy, and also easy to link, will not be deleted, such as the weight of the domestic NetEase, Sina blog, and are very high, suggest that you can go to register and regularly send articles to add external links.

6, using simple SEO

page title, caption labels, boldface, italics, web pages, start using the keywords of your article once. The simplest and oldest optimization strategy is often the most effective. If you are English blog, custom URL address can be used in the key words, if you are Chinese blog, in the custom URL can use keywords English word or keyword Pinyin, now supports Chinese search engines such as Baidu, Google, YAHOO, live Chinese can identify.

chain, the author do, every day to some weight high BBS to post, such as the A5 forum is a good place, general posts can be properly included, and then add some link to your Taobao station, can also be the link type signature. This is a relatively small probability to delete posts, remember, only to be indexed by search engines is the external links of the real, so that there is effect, otherwise everything is empty.

if you can insist on writing a daily, should not be particularly tiring, and if you do not feel satisfied, you can write two at the beginning, when it is relatively smooth, every other day to write an article. In the beginning, you can write two articles because you want to curry favor with the search engines and hope to attract their attention. More than two of the original text may be difficult for us, so under the principle of "quality", we should not write too many articles every day. But to maintain a relatively stable frequency, such as one or two days a day, is good. Don’t write a lot on a certain day, and then for many days without anything, that’s not good for search engines and loyal users.

7, adding an internal connection

started operation is such that the website structure changed some, the unnecessary code are removed, there is not a dynamic comment area, which is beneficial to the spider crawling and included. The structure were finished, began to upload some articles, because it is very difficult to write original articles, the majority of owners would choose to publish false original article, everyone has their own pseudo original method, some people are using tools to do, one is to adjust the paragraph or replace the phrase to achieve pseudo original purpose. But I think this is the case, as long as you find an article included the number of not more than 3 can be released in the search engine, which is reproduced in the fewer number of the more easily indexed by search engines, the quality is relatively high, the content of this point is very important, I hope novice guests in Taobao after the process of construction of learning to master this skill.

in a special blog site for the blog must have a good name, so easy to remember, easy to establish their own brand. Independent blogs are more so, you can refer to the previous article blog named.

adds an internal link to other articles in your blog, not only to increase the interactivity of the reader, such as adding the inner link in this text>

3, blog is better concise

text is friendly to the search engine, while the reader updates to look at the intuitive picture. The blog content is different from the frame, it is independent, when we through search engines to find your blog is often open a page, so don’t worry too much because of the home and let you wait too long.