includes hardware configuration of the server and client, the same network environment, some dual core server computing ability definitely stronger, there is no doubt that the same network environment, you use a machine Celeron dual core processor and Pentium four computer, open the same page, speed, certainly not the same.


1. machine configuration

The correct configuration of A large number of database operations

web page file size is whether the site can be quickly opened one of the most important factors, we can not determine if the server hardware, I strongly recommend that we start from here, regardless of form or DIV+CSS, optimize the appropriate code, can reduce the size of the page. Try to optimize the code, with a minimum of code, not the whole content contained in a box, in the site to lose weight, let the site speed in an article, I introduced, optimization of the code page. At the same time, a large number of errors and redundant code is one of the slow speed of the site drag.

With a lot of javascript


page 7.

With the big picture > .

site in the implementation of a large number of database operations, will also affect open speed website, here the asp+access structure website is particularly evident, especially at the same time, there are a large number of users to submit comments on the operation of the database, lock, cause the website to open.

some sites open soon. Some open slowly not. What is the original.

2. server software

website uses a lot of JS search engine is taboo, not only can not be included, and will continue to submit the request to increase the burden on the server, such as mouse effects, column effects, status bar effects etc.. The principle of these effects is first downloaded from the server to your local machine, and then running on your local machine, and then you can see the. Special effects do more, will run most of the day can be completed in your local machine, and if your host configuration in general, it is more slow. So, the proposal must use less JavaScript effects.

this is the most important factor, in the slow site on good bandwidth access as fast (that is, spend a lot of money), the bandwidth of the network includes web site and client server bandwidth two position, docking refers to the outlet end and the entrance end (such as telecommunications Netcom for docking point). Another is the minimum bandwidth for the user, if the user do is 512K broadband we can.

3. web content size

4. minimum bandwidth network

software, and the software is stable, will affect the server environment, which affects the speed of the network. The server installation software firewall, will sacrifice some of the network speed, so VPS, or independent server users install a firewall is enough.