(1) what is the keyword

search engine to search engine optimization? 2008 Shanghai summit – Robin Li love Alliance: "every enterprise should have SEM departments".

How to treat the

fact, Shanghai dragon with web technology is the same. The company said that Shanghai Longfeng work illegal, have used part of Shanghai dragon technology. Moreover, almost all the search engine companies in its own published on the website of what kind of website is easy to understand and they are popular, some search engine ranking also left the industry launched a special needle help.


, a search engine for natural ranking (SERP)

?Keywords , the choice of key words

, you enter a search text in the box, which is the input word. So the content can be Keywords: name, name, email, QQ, software, games, account terminology, papers, lyrics, news and events, can be any Chinese, English, digital, digital or hybrid Chinese English. For example, you can search for "Jay Chou", "COSPLAY", "QQ expression". Keywords, you can enter.

on the Internet the most developed States, search engine optimization has become the basic composition of the main part of the enterprise network marketing strategy, many companies are using the search engine optimization services. In Japan, large enterprises such as SONY and Panasonic also use search engine optimization services to improve the enterprise web site in the search engine’s performance, so as to promote its online business. At present, there are also many companies are implementing the Shanghai Phoenix Project, more and more Internet companies began to provide commercial services. All the mainstream IT site also began a column, the search engine optimization technology. But any time, content is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng work, Shanghai is also the Dragon success of the necessary but not sufficient condition, that is to say, the content itself does not guarantee that the website can occupy a favorable position in the search engine. The era of information explosion, good wine is also afraid of deep alley. The Shanghai Longfeng fully understood as a purely technical work.

two, to carry out the search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) work against

search engine will take the artificial way, reduce the weight of some website or even delete some websites. But most of the manual intervention is based on object website has obvious cheating behavior, and these behaviors haven’t been in search engine to determine the sequence. At the same time in violation of national laws, as well as the influence factors of social instability are deleted.

Shanghai dragon is not mysterious, write the page title, the dynamic website changed to static, it is already in use in Shanghai Longfeng principle. Before the Shanghai dragon this concept, we are already using the idea, but we are not aware of it.

manual intervention?The