today, the development of the network, many enterprises have built their own website, and now the enterprise built website like before, just a simple facade, placed their products to the point of what people know there is indeed such a company, and now is the establishment of enterprises in order to promote their products in the the Internet, directly to the enterprise website to allow customers to search related products, and to promote the effect of the transaction, and we know that the news information enterprise website these limitations, not what information can be released, the product is more, but each push to the site is not easy to see the effect, so how to optimize the enterprise network following it, introduce myself a little bit of experience, convenient communication, wrong place please enlighten.

first, the station must choose the keywords, to check the index.baidu贵族宝贝 keyword index, which see popular search, do much difficulty, a large number of sites at home, if is the big sites at home then find a bar, not with station competition, don’t waste time also, with the relevant personnel of enterprises that must understand this, or they say you have no strength. Good words (three), the title of the website must contain the three keywords, Description must be read through a brief sentence, and this statement will appear in these three words, and each two times. Take www.***贵族宝贝 to explain, it is such a "Golden League description animation technology professional production and sales of all kinds of fishing machine, forest dance and other large game machine, kimong animation technology is large-scale game machine manufacturers R & D, production and sales, after years of efforts, in many talent shows itself game machine manufacturer, and products service to win the praise and trust of customers better. We provide the most preferential fishing machine for you, such as forest dance game prices, welcome customers to buy "this paragraph contains a" fishing machine "" forest dance "and" game machine manufacturer "of these three words, and each appeared two times, yes, there is a little, do not exceed 240 character. Enterprise network is an important news page, page, and more important to the product page, so as long as these pages of title, keywords and Description are not the same on the line, it included a little more love Shanghai. In addition to the home of the keyword appears reasonable, do not accumulate, general bottom with links and bold or color, each keyword in the home of the total number of bytes is greater than 2% and less than 8%, so the search engine to know you this page mainly about what.


1, title, keywords, Description practices

page classification optimization

, a station optimization

page classification optimization is the most important in the enterprise network is the product page, the product page in the design must take the following information: product name, title, keywords, desc>