, a lot of experience is about

, how long is it?

here, I have to mention before speaking to the ranking of the effects of soft power. In addition to the problem of the domain name, then the chain line has increased steadily, a station in addition to a small amount of text link outside, almost every day dozens of hundreds of the chain of the anchor text. At the same time, even a few PR was 7, 8 of the station to do a few days one-way links on the web site? What is the resources, this is why the king of resources?! the resources you have? As for the soft power of the other, in here do not describe. Just a little, enough to show that.

two, soft power is actually your resources

Admin5, the search outside inside every day tens of thousands of posts, really talked about technology, but it is still so something. Tips the real effects of ranking, and it is so easy to teach others. Shanghai Longfeng daily operation, is really the chain? Update? NO! This is definitely not, specific ranking skill is absolutely true existence, no doubt, in the 2 months of my work, I see a capital city ranked hospital core keywords to love Shanghai home

I think you can not believe, less than 15 days! This includes 3-4 days on-line debugging time. This event happened in my company now, and not just in a website, it is not by accident.

in addition to specific ranking techniques, Shanghai dragon, now is a resource for the king era. As if it were raining flowers theory, you are also smaller than a day hundreds of high quality anchor text chain. Shanghai dragon and a half one and a half months of learning Shanghai medical industry + dragon, about my sentiment. Many people say that the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng progress is the fastest, other industries did not know my comparison, but I think of myself indeed progress soon. A lot of things and real things before learning to actually there is a big gap. Crap, just tell the truth, not a story, directly to:

three, the chain of resources an imagination

of course there is also a lot of soft power, such as the domain name is some year old domain and so on a series of problems. This point I in the following list again. But it illustrates the real effects, ranking technology does exist. The system study of Shanghai Longfeng, really did not feel that things exist, but do not know does not mean that he does not exist. It is also difficult to see from the internet. Because the technology is now released already no longer is a specific ranking technology. But in addition to that, I want to say is that Shanghai dragon is really a resource is king of the times. The real Shanghai dragon must have a lot of resources, a station in their hands, just do not make a big taboo, "summon wind and call for rain be nothing difficult.".

our company director and I said such a sentence: do not know the other.