is not entirely as a mature product, many friends in the industry but have strong expectations, hope in the electric business Ali can summon wind and call for rain in the search industry and love Shanghai, 360 Bai Bai wrist, and create a more favorable ecological system, but these are only our own thoughts., as a newly born search product, Ali cloud is not full of ambition, focusing on vertical areas may be the foundation of development, and we want to let Ali cloud among the first-line search products, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, there are 5 aspects of personal feeling is not appropriate.

search shopping, search is a comprehensive research field, not only need to grasp the user’s search habits, but also on the level of analysis, find the most suitable for their own use groups, but the camp has been formed, and the love of Shanghai, 360, Sogou has a strong flow of port enterprises, like electric grid or is this kind of Ali cloud rely on packaging products, is not able to adapt to. And Ali cloud advantage in shopping, consumer data master in the shopping areas can be said to be the premier, go far away to a comprehensive search, Ali cloud almost no chance of winning.

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PC end the war has been formed, in such a case, Ali cloud is very difficult by the browser and other means to contact with more low-end users, and will be found immediately, and has proved that only by virtue of money and technology shocks, it is difficult to use the brand into the minds of users, but also to believe that Ali cloud the market will not have a second to 360, because no one can do it on a client. And said that the most simple example, Ali cloud search market penetration rate of less than 10%, that is only concerned about the IT industry friends, in the absence of propaganda to ensure that Ali cloud is likely to entertain.

search products have moves, share one, but know that we all love to avoid Shanghai’s edge, so social attention, immediately open exposure, attention to people’s livelihood and medicine, and the search will be all for specific group, let alone Soso Ask, Tencent QQ not decoration, we are trying to avoid the love in Shanghai comprehensive search hegemony, Ali cloud is no exception, in the existing search technology mature today, any new product must find a distinctive development characteristics, the only way to gather popularity in a short time and to achieve development, aliyun need to do there are many.

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Ali cloud officially launched just four days of discussion and never caused turmoil in the search industry than the original 360 was born, as a shopping gene product, Ali cloud on-line largely based on the consideration of the development of the electricity supplier, after all, now the search products and business suit is not much, and the future development of the electricity supplier as a fulcrum, no search support is sure to be done. Consider from this level, Ali cloud launched their own search, a rainy day.