Aliyun do overvalued the search

is not entirely as a mature product, many friends in the industry but have strong expectations, hope in the electric business Ali can summon wind and call for rain in the search industry and love Shanghai, 360 Bai Bai wrist, and create a more favorable ecological system, but these are only our own thoughts., as a newly born search product, Ali cloud is not full of ambition, focusing on vertical areas may be the foundation of development, and we want to let Ali cloud among the first-line search products, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, there are 5 aspects of personal feeling is not appropriate. read more


Shanghai dragon on optimization techniques of a single page

here refers to the information associated with the page content description, number of words in about 300 words or so, at least more than your meta content more than 2 times.

is the webmaster you often hear a word: content is king. The "King" refers to the actual user needs for content, search engine optimization, any ranking of the first page, he must have some quality content. Of course, here we don’t want to talk about how to do the content, but to talk about "how to do a single page in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but also can improve the user experience, make it easier for users to accept your content. read more